How is competitive programming different from real-life programming? (Quora)

From my point of view
  1. Competitive Programming, you are a racer. If you are an amateur then you participate in car race around your street with you friend. You might sometimes take part in Races. But there are some F1 racer whom you see as gurus.
  2. Hobbyist programming, as you like to drive a car, you sometimes take your car for a spin. You might visit new places or just old beautiful places. You also could help others with car or with driving knowledge just for fun (Opensource Software).
  3. Corporate Programming, you are a truck driver. It does not matter how much you like driving but after some hour it becomes boring and you have to stop your urge to sleep in mid work. Also your most time takes loading and unloading goods and doing repeated task. Also you have to see the map or know the route, there is very little new discoveries. But if you are also a racer then in desperate time you might rush your things faster then others. But if you go too fast, your truck will get in accident.
Now if you are a frequent racer, that means you are good at driving. But Truck driving needs some more from you but those things are achievable. The main part is becoming good at driving. P.S. Sorry for bad English, I am not so good at writing human languages.

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