If programming languages were countries, which country would each language represent? (Quora)


Hey, what a funny question! ;]

CRussia. Everything has to be done in a backwards way, but everything is possible, and there’s a lot of legacy.

C++USA. Powerful, but more and more complicated, unreadable, error-prone. Tends to dominate and influence everything.

Python Netherlands. Modern, rich, easily approachable, attractive for various reasons, but not the top performer.

Haskell Monaco. Not many people, but very rich, so they don’t have to consider lower classes’ problems.

Java Sweden. Comfortable, but has its own king and currency.

JavaScript China. Developing really fast and can do lots of surprising stuff. A lot of users.

Basic Finland. Easy to use, but not very powerful.

Assembly Lesotho, which is completely surrounded by South Africa. Rarely used nowadays to make a whole program, more often as an included part of a bigger code in higher level language.

PHPBangladesh. Poor, but numerous, and it’s found all over the web.

PascalGermany. Strict rules, good performance. And there are many people who just don’t like the language.

BashSwitzerland. Not very big in itself, but pulls the strings of the others.

Update – based on comments:

LispIndia. It was the origin of many philosophies, derivatives of which became more popular than the original.

SwiftJapan. Technically advanced, but isolated on its island and uses unreadable characters.

RubySingapore. Advanced, but small.

To add some more fun – a few more languages:

Factor Antarctica. Easily has representatives of all other countries, but really underpopulated and hard to get used to. Although it has some unique and spectacular features.

LuaSan Marino. Tiny and completely within another country, but fully functional, quite rich, and independent.

SQL Saudi Arabia. You depend on it to fetch you the stuff that you need. Rich and potent, but you need to be smart to optimize your interaction with it. Also, different SQL implementations have their own peculiarities, like different arab countries around Saudi Arabia.

ActionScript Taiwan. If JavaScript is China, ActionScript is a splinter of it that wants to own everything but lacks the support of its bigger brother and many other countries. Quite noticeable though for its visually compelling product (at least, in the past).

APLMesopotamia. Incomprehensible cuneiform script that was once great in its area, but gave way to its more modern heirs.

Forth Maldives. Remote from all mainland and likely to disappear underwater due to climate change. Known for its backwards writing direction.

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