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Job Description

MediaMonks is looking for an Adobe Experience Manager Solutions Architect to claim the longest job title at the most awesome creative production company on the planet. In this role, you work at the intersection of business and development to mastermind the next generation of AEM-based products.

Role & Responsibilities:

  • As an AEM Solutions Monk, you are the all-knowing architect behind the technical solutions MediaMonks develops for AEM-powered platforms and products.
  • You will be challenged to come up with quick but thoughtful solutions to a myriad of business and software-related problems.
  • You assess the feature and implementation requests of our clients and design complete solutions, ready to be built within the client’s AEM ecosystem.
  • Sometimes, requests can be super-specific, requiring you to lay out a custom development plan to achieve the desired functionality.
  • Other times, clients may only know what they want, not what they need; in which case you help to pinpoint both the problem and the solution.
  • When devising solutions, you take everything into account, from quality to speed-to-market.
  • You also consider the scalability and longevity of each solution in the name of lasting and superior user experiences.
  • Once the blueprint is in place, you oversee the development and implementation of features, templates, modules and the like, executed by an (external) dev team or implementation partner.



  • For this Hilversum-based position, we are looking for an internet- and business-smart Solutions Architect with several years of high-level AEM experience.
  • You have hands-on experience with product development in an enterprise setting.
  • You know all there is to know about AEM, and more.
  • You have great client- and developer-facing skills; a proven ability to talk both languages to keep things moving and get things done.
  • You are acquainted with enterprise development work streams involving multiple systems, teams and user profiles — and not just because it sounds cool at parties.
  • You know how to make use of modern technology stacks and cloud-based systems.
  • You have strong knowledge of integration approaches such as microservices, messaging, queuing and API patterns.
  • You have strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.
  • Knowledge of Java 7/8 is awesome, and thus a big plus.

Become Our AEM Solutions Monk

At MediaMonks, you’ll join a young and fun, succesful and super-fast-moving international company that constantly pushes the envelope when it comes to production and the use of adjectives. Stressful moments are part of the job, but so is our casual company culture, annual winter sport trips and sublime summer soiree. Hell, we even have an epic lunch and a next-gen pension fund.